As utilities and infrastructure age, having a robust asset management strategy is increasingly important. HCE is proud to offer a variety of consulting engineering services related to Asset Management and utility sustainability, including field collection of data, strategic planning, workshops and electronic tool development.

Asset Management

Asset Management

We have helped area utilities successfully capture and manage over 35,000 individual assets at more than 900 lift stations, 5 water treatment plants, and 3 wastewater treatment plants. HCE has assisted with the integration of asset inventory data into existing management systems as well as develop tools for the documentation of new assets.

Field Collection of Data

HCE engineers understand that data collection is a daunting task for most utilities. Our staff have the training and experience to help collect and manage the data necessary to implement or improve your utility’s asset management system.

Electronic Tool Development

HCE has previously created customized electronic tools in Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel to help utilities capture and manage asset data quickly and easily. If your utility has a need for these types of tools, we would be happy to develop one that meets your specific needs.


Strategic Planning

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

HCE has worked with local utilities to develop unique “key performance indicators” which can be compared to industry standard performance benchmarks to determine if the utility is successfully achieving goals and objectives.

Capital Improvement Planning (CIP)

HCE has assisted several local utilities with project prioritization during CIP development. Risk and condition modeling is often used to prioritize rehabilitation and replacement of assets that pose potential health and safety hazards.

Plan Development

HCE can help your utility develop strategic planning and program management goals including Key Performance Indicators, Capital Improvement Plans, and Asset Management plans in order to improve utility sustainability and set objectives for the future.


HCE believes that hosting workshops is a key part of plan development. We will work with you to hold a series of workshops including staff from various parts of your utility. By working as a team to define priorities, goals, and performance criteria, we can create a comprehensive plan that can be used for years to come.