HCE helps our clients successfully apply for and obtain various local, state, and federal grants for utility improvement and expansion projects.  For the past 18 years, HCE has provided grant consulting services for several local utilities. Based on our vast grant application experience, HCE staff can offer assistance in preparing grant applications, attending pre-application meetings with granting agencies, preparing monthly requests for payments, and ensuring the project’s conformance with all grant policies and procedures.

Grant Areas

HCE specializes in all grant areas including:

  • Public Utility grants;
  • Energy grants;
  • Hazard Mitigation grants;
  • FDOT grants;
  • Stormwater grants;
  • Parks and Recreation grants;
  • Beautification grants;
  • Juvenile Justice grants;
  • Foundation grants;
  • Water Conservation grants;
  • Education grants;
  • Conservation land purchase grants;
  • Reclaimed water grants;
  • Demonstration grants; and
  • Public land management grants including exotic eradication