The State of Florida is a leader in the nation in the use of reclaimed water and HCE is fully aware of how critically important it is for Utility Companies in South Florida to be able to reliably produce and deliver this valuable resource to their customers. Our staff are experienced at providing design solutions for all phases of reclaimed water production, storage, and delivery. Our services range from managing the design and construction of one of the largest reclaimed water projects in South Florida to assisting local Utility Companies in identifying future customers and developing the planning documents necessary to serve those customers.  HCE has designed reclaimed water transmission mains up to 36 inches in diameter as well as associated pumping stations. We have also performed engineering services for innovative supplemental reclaimed water projects.

Reclaimed Water Transmission

HCE has performed engineering services for a number of projects involving the installation of reclaimed water transmission and distribution mains and associated pumping stations.  HCE provided project management services overseeing the design, permitting and construction of an 18-mile, 36” diameter reclaimed water main and associated 500 HP pump station capable of delivering 27 MGD in Palm Beach County.  HCE’s expertise also includes hydraulic modeling of reclaimed water transmission and distribution systems for planning future system improvements.

Reclaimed Water Storage

HCE has provided efficient engineering services for several reclaimed water storage facilities ranging from above ground storage tanks to lined ponds. For one of our most recent projects, HCE performed the engineering services for the construction of a new one million gallon pre-stressed concrete ground storage tank with new vertical turbine pumps used for storage and distribution of approximately 5.0 MGD of reclaimed water.

Supplemental Water Source Development

When the demand for reclaimed water exceeds the Utility’s ability to supply, HCE can assist in developing innovative strategies to procure the necessary supplemental water and can providing the necessary engineering services to implement these strategies from planning through project completion.

For one of our clients with a high reclaimed water demand, we provided the engineering services necessary to blend nanofiltration concentrate from their water treatment plant with the reclaimed water produced at their wastewater treatment plant four miles away, which provided the supplemental water they needed. This project included the design and construction of a 20,000 linear feet, 16-inch diameter concentrate main and a blending pump station that now helps convert what was once considered a waste product into an additional source of water for irrigation.  For this innovative project, we worked closely with the regulatory agencies in obtaining all necessary approvals regarding the blending and monitoring of concentrate with the reclaimed water.

In addition, partnering with a local hydrogeology firm, HCE has provided the engineering services needed for the rehabilitation of surficial aquifer water wells and associated piping for use in supplementing reclaimed water volumes in order to meet irrigation demands.