HCE has successfully provided engineering services related to water production, treatment and distribution to several South Florida utility clients. Our areas of expertise relate primarily to water mains and raw water supply wells.

Water Mains

HCE has implemented numerous raw and potable water distribution projects including both large and small diameter pipes that have been installed via traditional open-cut methods and by trenchless technologies such as horizontal directional drilling and jack-and-bore methods.

For new and rehabilitated water mains, HCE can assist with funding analysis, permitting, evaluation of alternative construction methods and routes, as well as preparation of all design documents. HCE has worked with one local client for the last several years to provide preliminary and final design, permitting, and construction administration for approximately 59,000 linear feet of 6-12 inch water mains in existing residential and commercial neighborhoods. For this project, HCE also providing funding assistance to procure and administer a $5.9 million low-interest SRF loan.

Production Wells

HCE has been involved in a multi-year project to rehabilitate aging surficial aquifer production wells for a local South Florida Utility. Since 2010, we have assisted with the replacement or rehabilitation of 30 wells in multiple phases. These projects have involved design, permitting, and construction oversight as well as hydraulic modeling of the raw water system.

Additionally, HCE has designed multiple new Floridan wellheads and associated raw water main piping.