HCE offers expert construction management services for our client’s construction projects.  Through years of construction experience in a wide array of projects, our staff has developed the tools necessary to ensure the project runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

We have construction managers/inspectors who can provide oversight on all HCE construction projects. Additionally, our project managers remain involved throughout the entire construction process.

Bidding Services

HCE can assist in having reputable qualified contracts bid your projects, can evaluate the contractor’s bids, and provide a recommendation of award.  It is important that all bids received are considered responsive and to minimize bid protests.

Construction Management

HCE offers comprehensive construction management, including all facets of contract administration from the preconstruction meeting through the warranty walkthrough inspection.  Along with observation and inspection during project construction, the HCE team can provide knowledgeable assistance in reviewing shop drawings, applications for payment, requests for additional information, change orders, permit closeout, and all other project related correspondence.  With HCE’s design-build qualifications, we are well-experienced with construction contracts.

Construction Inspection

HCE is proud to have one construction inspector and one construction manager who are available to provide construction inspection as requested by our clients. HCE offers both part-time and full time inspection services and can adjust inspection schedules as needed on each individual project. Our inspectors understand the importance of being present and engaged on the job site and are experienced at acting as liaisons between engineers, contractors, clients, and neighboring residents and businesses.

Public Outreach

As most infrastructure projects in South Florida are in populated areas, it is important to communicate and coordinate with local businesses, HOA’s, and residents.  HCE can handle all public outreach coordination or team with a specialty public outreach consultant to ensure that your utility is a good neighbor.  Any construction project is an inconvenience, but a little communication goes a long way to reducing complaints.

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